Mekong Tourism Forum 2017

MTF Insights: Tara Gujadhur @ TAEC

taraTara is the co-director of the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre (TAEC), which is hosting the MTF’s “Intangible Tourism” session. She attended the 2012 MTF in Pakse, Laos, and heard about the Luang Prabang event from the ADB’s Steven Schipani. Having worked in tourism with development agencies for several years, she has known about the organiser, Mekong Tourism Co-ordinating (MTCO), since its 2006 launch. TAEC is a finalist in the Mekong Innovative Startup Tourism (MIST).

What opportunities do you see for your organization in hosting the multi-venue MTF?

We will be able to show our work directly to attendees!  It’s a great way to bring people in through our doors and have them see and experience cultural tourism in Luang Prabang.

Read the entire interview at We are Laos.

We Are Lao asked several Luang Prabang businesses and organizations about the opportinities & challenges they face in hosting the multi-venue MTF, with MTCO Executive Director Jens Thraenhart, responding. This is the first installment in the series.

May 17, 2017  –  Proudly contributed by Bernie Rosenbloom

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